I have taught, coached and counseled several who were just like you! 

  • You want to be FOCUS
  • You want BALANCE 
  • You want HAPPINESS, you want better RELATIONSHIPS 
  • You want more MONEY, perhaps a little more FAITH to believe  
  • You want your life to have meaning.  You want to use your gifts and talents to help others...... yet something is MISSING!!

You feel stuck, tired, unclear, like you never have enough TIME or that time is running out.  YOU ARE GETTING OLDER and you believe that it's time to truly live LiFE™ to the fullest, but you're missing the HOW! 

How do I use my time effectively to maintain my health, finance, faith and relationships? You are missing the PROCESS, THE FOCUS STRATEGY, THE HOW?   HOW do I maintain BALANCE and HARMONY in the 4 areas of my life? 

Friday 08.17.18  & Saturday 08.18.18

Radisson Bloomington

8 Traders Circle 

Normal, Il 60761


  • Are you looking for better relationships? 
  • Can you use help in being debt free? 
  • Struggling in areas of your health?
  • Could you be a little happier? 
  • Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?  
  • Are you ready for a CHANGE? 


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Carolyn cares about helping people become the best they can be. Her success as a mother, wife, business owner, and child of God has given her the experiences to help people in all areas of their lives. If you are looking to take your life to a whole new level partnering with Carolyn will get you there faster with more success than you ever thought possible. I learned awhile ago that life is about associations and Carolyn is in my Top 5 associations because she is a difference maker. Do yourself a favor and partner with the best. You deserve it!


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Are you feeling OVERWHELMED, sometimes frustrated, tired, like you're drowning, perhaps unclear, unhappy? Are you ready for something NEW? Are you ready and willing to live the AWESOME life you've always wanted to live? 

You desire to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, TO BE DEBT FREE, to live life fully, to enjoy your LiFE™, yet it seems like something is missing.  You've tried everything, probably prayed, tithe, and attended events.  You've tried to be healthy, attended conferences, joined different groups, perhaps got married, have a baby, went to church, switched careers, perhaps've simply done it all, yet SOMETHING IS STILL MISSING!!!​​

​It'S YOUR TIME TO FOCUS on what really matters

Carolyn Anderson’s coaching has changed my life. 

Since I met her, I knew there was more to life than what I had. Her joy, her wisdom, and her passion to accomplish everything she set her mind to, inspired me to take my life to new heights. 
After just a few sessions coaching with Carolyn, my eyes opened to a new world. I began to understand my areas of weaknesses and began to strengthen them with tools and strategies specifically designed for my needs.
Carolyn’s wisdom and vision will enlighten you and take you to levels you have only dreamed of. 
I strongly recommend her coaching. 
Damaysi Vazquez

MEGALiFe Conference 

8.17.18 - 8.18.18

it's time to make everything good again (MEGA) 


Join Wealth and LiFE Coach expert, TV Host as seen on the Dr. Carolyn Show, TBN, Steve Harvey Show, Fox, Keynote Speaker and #1 International Best Selling Author, Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson as she brings her life skills, experience and power about what living a MEGALiFE is all about.

Here are just a few examples from individuals who were once feeling the same way you did.

The transformation process did not start happening until I taught them how to FOCUS.  How to stay on point and map out their lives.