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"Since I met her, I knew there was more to life than what I had. Her joy, her wisdom, and her passion to accomplish everything she set her mind to, inspired me to take my life to new heights.  After just a few sessions coaching with Dr. Carolyn, my eyes opened to a new world. I began to understand my areas of weaknesses and began to strengthen them with tools and strategies specifically designed for my needs. Carolyn’s wisdom and vision will enlighten you and take you to levels you have only dreamed of.  I strongly recommend her coaching." 

Damaysi V.

"CAROLYN ANDERSON has been a blessing to both my personal and professional life.  Shortly after I met her I went through a divorce and she instantly became a great supporter of my success and recovery.  She has helped me in redefining my goals and discovering what brings joy to my heart: family.   Dr. Carolyn has encouraged me to believe that a person should never be limited when trying to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.  Thank you.  You are a treasure and a phenomenal blessing in my life."
Shauntay N. 

“Dr. Carolyn works relentlessly to equip, encourage and empower people to live their best life. She not only says it but she models and lives it, which makes her a phenomenal leader. She leads by example.”

Latreeta B. 

​“To be a leader you must first be a servant for at the end of the day leadership is a selfless act of service above self. Dr. Carolyn has been a humble servant leader who deeply cares for the well-being of those she leads. She speaks with the wisdom that comes from experience and has had her leadership style tried, tested and proven. PurposeFinder will  help shift your life, business, career or relationships to the next level.” 

Dr. Daniel T. 

​“Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson, is an astonishing, highly respected influencer and leading authority in her industry. Imbued with a gold mine of laser know-how and rare insights, Dr. Carolyn delivers simple, yet effective, life hack approaches that deposits a wealth of information and strategies, geared towards activating and releasing possibility within. She’s impactful in significantly aiding you to breakthrough and move the pulse of your life upward into next levels unimaginable. Whether exposed to her directly or indirectly, just one dose of Dr. Carolyn's voice and high-beam brilliance will deeply impact your life – leaving you with enhanced, elevated, and positively enriched life."

​Charisse A. 




I am so HAPPY that you have decided to pursue your PURPOSE in this New Season.  I know exactly where you are. 

You are NOT where you used to be, AND, you're NOT quite where you need or want to be in all areas of your life.  You can see it, you can taste it, you desire it, you want it and you're ready for the change, however................  

You just need a guide to get there. You know that you cannot operate in the NEW or FUTURE YOU being the person you once were. 

You are different and your MINDSET is not the same.  This is what PURPOSEFINDER is all about.  Let's do LiFE together!





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  • Personal Vision & Mission Statements  
  • Time Map To Balance Your LiFE 
  • Accountability Partners
  • Becoming Crystal Clear
  • Group Calls & Facebook Group Access 
  • ​Understanding Your Pet Peeves
  • Mapping Out Your Purpose 
  • Kickstart Your 2020 Goals ​​

Are you feeling OVERWHELMED, sometimes frustrated, tired, like you're drowning, perhaps unclear, unhappy? Are you ready for something NEW? Are you ready and willing to live the AWESOME life you've always wanted to live? 

You desire to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, TO BE DEBT FREE, to live life fully, to enjoy your LiFE™, yet it seems like something is missing.  

You've tried everything, probably prayed, tithe, and attended events.  

You've tried to be healthy, attended conferences, joined different groups, perhaps got married, have a baby, went to church, switched careers, perhaps've simply done it all, yet SOMETHING IS STILL MISSING!!!​​ You have found it - IT'S PURPOSEFINDER Coaching with Dr. Carolyn.